Your Client's Estate Home Sold,
Guaranteed No Hassle to You!

No matter what is happening in the real estate market, REAL ESTATE is usually the LARGEST and MOST DIFFICULT ASSET to LIQUIDATE IN AN ESTATE.

Our Exclusive and EasyEstate Sale Guarantee Programsolves this dilemma. Enter you clients details to take advantage of this program.

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: We guarantee complete, turnkey property management and preparation of the home from today until settlement including:

  • Clean-out crews, Contractors, Locksmiths, Landscaping, Winterization etc.
  • All contractors paid immediately and then invoiced to the estate
  • Large database of existing buyers already looking in the area, including cash investors
  • Short sale investors who will make an immediate offer on the property
  • Manage professional short sale negotiations directly with the servicer
  • All showings professionally coordinated
  • Handle quick and hassle free sales process

GUARANTEE #1 --- hassle free estate sales --- if you get a complaint call from your client that some element of the sale is not handled properly we will donate $300 of the commission earned to the charity of your choice

GUARANTEE #2 --- no contractor will ever call you demanding payment --- they are paid immediately upon completion of work by our company and the estate is then invoiced

GUARANTEE #3 --- day-to-day agreement --- Your client can cancel our authorization to sell their property at any time with no cancellation fee or waiting period (prior to receiving a written offer of at least 85% of market value)

GUARANTEE #4 --- complete client loyalty to you --- we guarantee to never mention any other attorney or title company (if you provide title services) to your clients at any time and to always refer them back to you regarding legal matters

GUARANTEE #5 --- you get title referrals --- if we bring the buyer to your client’s estate sale we will refer that buyer to your title company, not ours

It all starts with a Free Home Evaluation for your client. Base on up-to-date market analyst of recent comparable sold and active listings, as well as, on-site observation of the current condition of the home, we will determine the value of your client’s home and what it could sell for. In addition, we can provide tips on what to do and what not to do in order to get the estate the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Just begin by entering their information into the form to right (No Obligation to List or Sell).

We will 1) contact the seller, 2) preview their existing home and 3) report back ASAP to let you know their home sale status. There is NO OBLIGATION to SELL and you GET THE INFORMATION you need! Benefit from our guarantees and refer a client who has a home to sell:

Simply Enter in Their Contact Information to the Right and We Will Do the Rest.
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